What is Mental Beauty?

Welcome to Mental Beauty – the home of all things mental health, fitness and wellness; here you will find tips for living a happy and healthy life.

My name is Emily Mitchell, I’m a 22 year old living in East Sussex.
I currently work as an SEO assistant for a Children’s clothing company based in Tunbridge wells and have been studying a marketing qualification in my free time with the CIM. I’m happy to say I have now finished studying and freedom tastes good. I’m incredibly clumsy, quite loud but also very quiet and reserved at times. I’m obsessed with my Russian Blue cat called Dudley and I adore my family and friends. I’m the type of girl who gets caught singing in the car to herself or accidentally leaves the loo with her skirt tucked in her tights. I used to be a party animal and although I still love a glass of New Zealend Sauvignon wine and am very much into my music, these days I cant party into the early hours without the next day being a total nightmare. The reason for this will become clearer…

Emily Mitchell - Mental Beauty 2

My Anxiety Journey…

I have been suffering with anxiety for what feels like an eternity but realistically I would say I have been aware of it for roughly 2 years. At the beginning of 2018 my life kind of…well…turned into a total shit show and due to lots of factors my anxiety spun out of control. I spent most day’s having panic attacks, thinking I was dying, crying because I couldn’t sleep or being scared to drive anywhere other than work or home because I thought I couldn’t feel my feet. Ultimately I was super unhappy. I seeked help through an amazing service called Health In Mind and with their counselling, I very quickly turned a corner and realised I can be, MOST OF THE TIME, in control of my body and mind.

Fast forward to now and I have completed my studies, I would say my relationship with my loved ones, family and friends is the best its ever been and I know what I need to stay away from and what I need to channel my efforts into. I’m in no way saying I don’t struggle anymore – I still think I’m dying sometimes, I still cry and can’t sleep from time to time. The difference is now is that 85% of the time I can recognise its anxiety and calm myself down or accept that it will pass in time and tomorrow is a new day. I still suffer with major insecurities about my anxiety, but what I have realised is that we’re all a little bit mental in our own way. Why does the word MENTAL have to be so negative? Isn’t there something beautiful in the fact that we’re all different? And, shouldn’t we help one another see the positives to life and learn to laugh at ourselves sometimes? This is why I have created Mental Beauty.

What Is Mental Beauty?

Mental Beauty is my new baby. My aim is to help people to understand that we all have issues, we all struggle; some more than others and I want to help – if I can. I think we’re so used to seeing on social media what a “perfect” life looks like, that it’s almost impossible not to get lost within it all. Whether you struggle with anxiety, low confidence, low mood, family problems or you just want to read some content that isn’t so polished and perfect. Then you’re in the right place. I am going to share my up’s, my downs, my general life, stories and my fitness and health tips. Most importantly I am going to be totally and utterly transparent with you; I’ll even share the embarrassing things. I want to make you smile and laugh along the way, you can laugh at my silly stories and hopefully be able to relate to some of the up’s and downs. Welcome to Mental Beauty and Thank you for coming.

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